Solutions for feed factories

ADAK PRODUCT acts as a supplier of raw materials for various industries fodder. With its unique form of integration between the companies we are able to provide the highest quality of cooperation. We go beyond the territorial scope of Polish collaboration, with companies of the Baltic States, other countries neighboring Poland, as well as other EU countries.

We create solutions for commodity trading market – solutions that take into account aspects such as storage, handling, transport and trade in raw materials.

Developed by the company network gives support to our customers in industries such as food processing and feed. We guarantee its partners a high quality and safety of all our products and services.

In our offer you will find all the raw materials and accessories needed for the production of feed for different species of farm animals.
We offer a range of proven products based on the best raw materials. Their action is aimed at increasing production efficiency.

We offer:

  • feed enzymes,
  • essential oils,
  • organic acids,

  • amino acids,
  • vitamin feed,
  • macro- and microelements,

  • energy measures,
  • disinfectants,
  • Products binding mycotoxins.