Solutions for veterinarians

ADAK PRODUCT is a company operating in the field of livestock and companion. We manufacture and distribution of supplements for poultry, cattle, pigs, fur animals, pigeons, and companion animals and provide specialized services to support the farms animals such as nutritional counseling or biosafety livestock housing.

Our main goal is to seek and create innovative solutions to provide you with products and services, effective, safe, of the highest quality. We are constantly developing and expanding the scope of our operations, in particular focusing on the good health of livestock. We focus our attention primarily on the exploration, development and implementation of alternative solutions that allow the reduction of all risks in animal husbandry.

Our products and concepts is the result of everyday consistent work on developing and applying weight to the needs of our customers. This is the most important goal that every day guided our actions. Thanks to the international certification of quality management, high internal quality control, research and everyday conversations with our partners continually optimize our processes, products and quality service.

ADAK PRODUCT is not only a distributor and manufacturer of products but also the supplier of future-oriented innovative solutions for all areas of animal husbandry.

Our offer includes a diverse range of finished products and services in the field of animal nutrition, care, hygiene and bio safety. We offer a range of proven products based on the best raw materials. Their action is aimed at increasing production efficiency.

In your hands we pass a series of products such as:

  • effective supplements to improve production results
  • products for cleaning and disinfection,
  • innovative nutritional supplements,
  • medical materials,
  • products for sanitizing water,
  • means for clean air,
  • protective clothing,
    accessories for vaccination.

For our daily work this means:

  • providing products, concepts and services of the highest quality,
  • competitiveness,
  • continued support of our customers to optimize processes,
  • the search for innovative solutions,
  • introduction of new, more efficient technologies.

High efficiency application

All our products are of the highest, consistent and reproducible quality, broad functionality and high efficiency of use. Our portfolio is a range of proven products based on the best raw materials. Very carefully we make selection and qualification of suppliers. We focus on efficient and reliable partners who are constantly working with us on improving our products and services. Thanks to new technologies, innovative ideas and a deep awareness of the cost, we creating the basis for mutual success. Our partnership is a prerequisite for optimizing production results, performance indicators, product quality, cost, time and services in the value chain. We focus on long-term cooperation based on mutual respect, fairness, support and reliability. For us it is important to match the philosophy of our partners and to our values ​​ethical business also.

Our main goal is the development and marketing of innovative products in the field of animal nutrition and veterinary medicine. These products should be beneficial for livestock, agriculture and consumers, and to set new standards in modern methods of animal nutrition.